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Section 7

UK Miscellaneous

1899 Proceedings of the Royal Society "On the Reflection of Cathode Rays" signed paper by Campbell Swinton
1912 The Journal of the R?ntgen Society - Presidential address by A.A.Campbell Swinton - famously prophetic vision of television technology
1912 Portrait print of A.A.Campbell Swinton President of the R?ntgen Society 1911-1912
1913 The model Engineer and Electrician March 27 1913 "Seeing by Telegraph or Telautography - Telephotography - Television" article by V.E.Johnson
1935-1936 I. E. E. Florescent Screens for Cathode-ray Tubes for Television and Other Purposes - Leonard Levy and Donald West, paper first received 31 August 1935, in amended form 23 January 1936 and in final form 21 May 1936. Read before Wireless Section 4 March 1936
1937 Radiolympia Aug. 25 - Sept. 4 Official Catalogue
1937 Philips Transmitting News September Vol IV No 4
1938 Luminescence and its Application to Television - Kerr Memorial Lecture Institute of Electrical engineers by Leonard Levy and Donald West
1937-1939 Technical Description of Television (cover title), colloquially known as, "The Black Book", copy No 119. Full title, "Technical Description of the Marconi-EMI System of Television at the London Television Station" by D.C.Birkinshaw, BBC publication. Operating manual for the Alexandra Palace transmitting station with twelve sections plus index, all sections variously dated from October 1937 to April 1939 with forward "Fundamentals of Television" dated June 1946. Section 1. Signal waveform. Section 2. Synchronising signal generator. Section 3. Timing pulse generators. Section 4. The camera channel. Section 5. The fading and monitoring mixing. Section 6. The waveform monitor. Section 7. The modulators. Section 8. The transmitting aerials. Section 9. O.B. radio link receiver. Section 10. The picture monitor. Section 11. Balanced vision cable termination apparatus. Section 12. The programme fading apparatus. Index
1938 Review of television receivers as shown and demonstrated at Radio Olympia 24 August to 3 September 1938
1938 Pye Evening Courses for Television Training in London - Typed schedule
1938 Littlewood's Pools Coupon with cover illustration "Modern Wonders of The World" Illustration of a pre-war football match being televised.
1939 Radiolympia Aug. 23 - Sept. 2 Official Catalogue
1939 Modern Applications of Luminescent Substances - Leonard Levy and Donald West
1939 An Enquiry into Viewers' Opinions on Television Programmes, conducted in the first quarter of 1939, including Letters, questionnaire, tables, summary and appendices.
1939 Decca Radio & Television Limited letter 23 January 1939
1940 J.L.Baird letters to Mr Head (photocopies).
1947 Olympia Show Wireless World catalogue.
1948 "Improvements in Large-Screen Television Projection" by T.M.C. Lance, Cinema -Television Ltd.
1950 Phosphors for Cathode-ray Tubes - paper read to the Television Society by Leonard Levy and Donald West
c.1950 Baird Television Self-Contained Aerial installation notes
c.1952 Photographs of Television Delivery Vehicles, Baird, Philco, Regentone.
1952 BBC Television Licence
1954 BBC Television Licence
1955 BBC Television licence
1954 ITA Colour Map showing coverage of the new independent television channels by region 40" x 29" (102 x 74 cm)
1955 Aerialite Band III Aerials and Accessories brochure
1955 TV Tuning frequencies - Wireless Trader
1955 Aerialite TC3 Electrical Trader Service Sheet
1955 Aerialite Type MC Electrical Trader Service Sheet
1955 "21 inch colour tube" Wireless World, August 1955
1956 "Experimental Colour Receiver" Wireless World March 1956
1956 "Experimental Colour Receiver" Wireless World April 1956
1957 Independent television coloured poster of coverage by competing TV company size.
1966 Television and FM Station Guide - Electrical Trader
1968 Coloured map of Independent Television areas.
1969 Coloured map of ITA colour transmission coverage.
1985 "The Pioneer of Television" by Geoff Hutchinson
1986 "Television the First Fifty Years" National Museum of Photography, Film & Television
1986 "Television in the Home 1926-1986" Jonathan Hill
1990 "Seeing by Wireless: Story of Baird Television" by Ray Herbert (ex-Baird employee.
1990 "Memory of three dimensional colour TV demonstration by J.L.Baird 1941/2" by R.B.Head (ex-Baird employee)
1990 "Some Early Memories of Crystal Palace", by Richard Head
1990 "More Memories of Crystal Palace", by Richard Head
1991 "Early television experiences" by Bob Bartle (ex-Baird employee).
1992 "The achievement of John Logie Baird and how secret British-American technology transfer changed the world." by Peter Waddell.
1992 "Just a Few lines - The birth and infant years of television" by T. H. Bridgewater